A revival meeting in November 1912 resulted in the organizing of the Maple Grove Church of God on December 7, 1912 by Pastor G.W. Elliot with 13 charter members who desired to know the Lord and make Him known to the world.

The first building was a wood structure that stood ½ mile east on the north side of the road where Clair and Florence Woolston lived. This building was purchased from the Free Methodist Conference and moved to the present location.

The present brick building was built under the pastorate of G. E. McDaniel, 1950-51.

Some of the people who have dedicated their lives to Special ministry from this small rural congregation have been: Paul Gilbert, Darrel Linder, Stanley Lundberg, Darrell Draper, Ralph and Ray Draper (twins), Nathan Batchelor, R. B. Woolston, Lou Batchelor, Richard Molgaard, Howard Ruley, Harold and Melva Woolston, and the present pastor Michael K. Hyde.

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