Welcome to the Maple Grove Church of God, Sutherland, IA

Worship Services


9:30 a.m. Morning Worship Service

11:00 a.m. Sunday School


7:00 p.m. Bible Study


The purpose of ministry at Maple Grove Church of God is to tell and show others God’s good news in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through Love, Care, Action, and Compassion.

Maple Grove Church of God supports many ministries from local area programs and projects to around the world missions. Members of Maple Grove Church of God are also active in numerous individual ministries according to their gifts and talents.


A revival meeting in November 1912 resulted in the organizing of the Maple Grove Church of God on December 7, 1912 by Pastor G.W. Elliot with 13 charter members who desired to know the Lord and make Him known to the world.

The first building was a wood structure that stood ½ mile east on the north side of the road where Clair and Florence Woolston lived. This building was purchased from the Free Methodist Conference and moved to the present location.

The present brick building was built under the pastorate of G. E. McDaniel, 1950-51.

Some of the people who have dedicated their lives to Special ministry from this small rural congregation have been: Paul Gilbert, Darrel Linder, Stanley Lundberg, Darrell Draper, Ralph and Ray Draper (twins), Nathan Batchelor, R. B. Woolston, Lou Batchelor, Richard Molgaard, Howard Ruley, Harold and Melva Woolston, and the present pastor Michael K. Hyde.

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Maple Grove Church of God supports the following missions as a fellowship and individually:

The Maple Grove Quilting Ladies: make quilts, mittens and hats for the Romanian Mission and the homeless in the USA.

Parish Nurse: Jane Green who is on-call for members of Maple Grove Church and surrounding community to assist with insight for medical needs.

Campus Crusade for Christ: The Jamison's are serving in Orlando, Florida. After having lived in the Middle East for 6 years.

Botswana: Bob and Barb Van Wyk serve as missionaries in Botswana teaching in the pastor’s college training native pastors.

The Dream Center: Located in Spencer, Iowa The Dream Center is a multi-purposed ministry serving local families.

Village Northwest Unlimited Shoe Ministry.

Peterson Box Mission: Giving food and personal items through Upper Des Moines.

Romania and Native American Missions: Harry and Amy Arrick are involved in missions in Romania and with Native Americans.